About Us

Brief history 

Optileks AB was founded in 1975. The original idea was to invest in mass production of standard mineral lenses, supplemented with a recipe grindery. After a short while, frames was also introduced into the company, although only as a small part pf the company. Soon it showed that the mass production didn't meet up to the calculated profitability and volume. The other Swedish lens suppliers were either affiliated companies to multinational grinderies or had their own functioning suppliers which they were not ready to leave.

The company was reconstructed in 1978, there was a change in ownership and a new CEO was selected, Åke Jansson. With that change the recipe grindery became the  basis for the company. An honorable mention is Arne "Jerka" Ericksson, without his knowledge and experience from the business, the company would not have had any chance in it's way to become a supplier to the swedish opticians.

Starting in 1981 the company was together with SIDA making a project in Tanzania by creating a grindery for mass production of mineral lenses. 

In 1992 the company was taken over by Åke Jansson in connection to financial problems that the previous owner had. Today it is runned by father and son, Åke and Henrik.

In 2008 Henrik took over the position as CEO after working in the company for eight years. Åke is nowadays Chairman of the Board and by that he is still active in the company.

Operations today

Optileks aims to be a complete alternative supplier to the swedish opticians. Everything from the simplest stocklenses to prescription cut lenses of different types. We pick our progressive designs from the leading developers in the world.

Today, with help from the latest technology, we can freeform manufacture progressiv lenses individualy unique estimated for each refraction and frame. We were the first company in Scandinavia to be able to do this.

We invest approximately 8-25% of sales annually in development. This means that we are now a leading manufacturer, so that you are able to offer your customers the best in our trade.

All lenses can be ordered with different types of treatments such as anti-reflection, coating to make the lenses more resistant to scratches and tinting. Grinding of lenses, in ours and the costumers frames, is another natural part of Optileks. Furthermore vi supply frames from known and unknown manufactures with the common denominator: High quality. And we also supply with other bits and pieces belonging to the business. For example, cases with advertisement prints, polish, tinting colours for plastic and recipe cards.

    Optileks policy
  • High swedish quality.
  • Quick delivery, quick handling of complaints.
  • High level of service, in the form of information on delays, friendly and positvie attitude. This is regardless of wether the customer is large / small in volume or part of any chain.
  • We emphasize that we have contracts directly with each customer, not through any group or organization.
  • We value our customers by how faithful they are and not how much revenue their store have with us.

When you buy glasses made ​​by Optileks know you get Swedish quality.