Shipping & Returns

Shipping cost

Shipping will be added to all orders. The total shipping cost is calculated when invoicing the order when it is clear what the item weighs, or the item is bulky and if extra supplement has been selected.
Basic Shipping is currently 17 SEK.


Delivery times.

Delivery times is based on the current stock. Can vary from immediately to up to 4 weeks depening on manufacturer.

Rules for returns and complaints.

Return - incorrect order - Frames

  • At incorrect orders, the crediting can only occur in the cases where the frame is in mint condition.
  • The frame must be returned within 15 days of the delivery date, the frame must be in original packaging.
  • Frames that have been adjusted or any other way worked on will not be credited.
  • All returns must always state it's delivery note number for the current job

Return - reclaims - Frames

  • Garantuee for frames is 1 year from delivery date against any manufacturing faults.
  • At all returns you must always state the delivery note number for the current job
  • The reason for return and if a new product is desired must be indicated
  • The reclaim is handled upon arrival as follows
  • If no delivery note number and/or the reason for the reclaim has not been declared, and administrative fee of 100 SEK is claimed.
  • Approved claim leads to (defective product is retained by us)
    • 1) New product is shipped at no charge
    • 2) The product is credited and a new product is not shipped.
  • Failed reclaims leads to (defective product is returned)
    • 1) New product is delivered and charged
    • 2) No credit is made and no product is shipped.